Vanishing Painting
When you look at this serene landscape and railroad that leads to eternity, it will seem inevitable to engage into some in-depth observation or retrospective contemplation.  Dimensions: 37x66" Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Doting Daisy Painting
Miss Daisy has a gift for you! This charming cow, beautifully painted with strokes of beige, blue, and orange, delicately holds a little flower in her mouth. This one-of-a-kind painting is on canvas. Its quirkiness is uplifting and complementary to...
Metal Embossed Farm Animal Frame
Choose from cow (28.25x2.5x18.75") , pig (15.15x1.5x15.25"), and rooster (17.5x1.5x14.5"). Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for shipping. DCI-METAL EMB-COW-NEW
from $49.99
Spice of Life Painting
Evoking a mid-century modern style, this abstract artwork on canvas showcases a bold design with a subdued palette. Large brushstrokes are hand painted in neutral shades of white, black, bronze, and gold. The canvas is stretched and attached to wooden...
Framed Feedsack Sheep Feed
 Framed Feedsack Sheep Feed picture perfect for any home! Dimensions: 23" x 16.5" x 1.5" Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 
Saguaro Cacti Print
Finished with a brushed champagne frame, this glass art piece depicts the propellers of a vintage aircraft. The worn paint seems to showcase its age, yet it still seems it has some flight left in it as the metal clad...
Vintage Flight Glass Artwork
Finished with a brushed champagne frame, this glass art piece depicts the propellers of a vintage aircraft. The worn paint seems to showcase its age, yet it still seems it has some flight left in it as the metal clad...
Deeply Rooted Cowboy Artwork
Dimensions: 1.5x36x24" (2.6 lbs) Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for shipping.
Aloe Vera Collage
Dimensions: 0.39x60x36" (17.4 lbs) Thick layers of paper are used to create this calming collage. The dominant greens create the leaves sprouting from the terra cotta planter. A paper figurine sits at the base of the plant and accents of...
Cactus Collage
Dimensions: 0.39x60x36" (17.4 lbs) The lightly washed frame complement this rustic collage of a cactus in a light blue pot. The thick paper of green hues for the cactus, and red hues for the cactus flower are accented with white...
Roostin' Plank
Dimensions: 0.39x60x36" (17.4 lbs) There's no better depiction of country life than a rooster settling on his favorite fence getting ready to wake up the world. This bold animal's features are intensified in metal with cream, brown, white, and in...
Divine Beauty Collage
A marvelous floral composite rests between the cow's horns, a unique twist on its traditionally beige hide. This is a 3-D collage finished with a Passepartout style frame under glass. Layering various printed patterns creates new quirky texture of a new...
Handsome & Proud Collage
The steward of dawn, the rooster has traditionally been a symbol of the new day. This composite underscores the powerful elements of the rooster's figure, and would make a perfect addition to any style kitchen, pantry, or living area. This...
Watercolor Succulent Framed Print
These printed succulents exude on-trend style and artful appeal. Shades of green and gray create a simple, yet eye-catching design. Each print is accented by a warm, neutral-toned mat. Silver leaf frames with a light gray wash and scratched accents...
Modern Composition Painting
A true work of art, this hand painted canvas features heavily aged details with natural cracks and distressing that add a unique character to the piece. Light blue, white, and charcoal tones are accented by an antique silver gallery frame....
Syracuse Horse Plaque
A mango wood plaque with a decorative jumping horse inlay. Dimensions: 21x24" Model #HIN-WALL ART-DEER Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Autumn Rails Artwork
Dimensions: 0.39x60x36" Model #YHD-PAINTING-AUTUMN RAILS Bring the beauty of autumn to your living room with this majestic print. A single train track races down an environment of abundant autumn trees. Orange, green, and red, these magnificent trees offer rich color and...
Country Paradise Glass Artwork
Dimensions: 0.39x47x32" Model #YHD-PAINTING-CNTRY PDSE This stunning image brings vivacity and breathtaking beauty to a simple country scene. A brown and orange barn and picket fence sit peacefully under a magnificent, radiant sunset. Luscious green grass surrounds in nature's incomparable landscape....
Curious Cows Painting
Dimensions: 2x48x37" Model #YHD-PAINTING-CURIOUS COW Transform your space with this hand painted expressionist painting featuring bizarre yet lovely-looking cows accented by the artist's intentional use of bold strokes in creating a masterpiece. The painting includes hangers for wall mounting and...
Flower Garden Painting
Dimensions: 2x64x32" (6.6 lbs) Model #YHD-PAINTING-FLWR GRDN Heavily textured, contemporary, floral garden piece. Flowers are rendered with bold, impressionistic brushstrokes in saturated hues of blue, green, purple, red, and yellow. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for shipping.
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