Old Friends & New Tricks Glass Artwork

Old Friends & New Tricks Glass Artwork

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Dimensions: 0.39x47x32" (25.96 lbs)

This photograph on glass is simply delightful. A group of friendly Labradors excitedly wait for a ride in the trunk bed of an old, distressed truck. Surrounded by a dirt road, grey clouds, and a small town in the distance, it's clear these dogs are enjoying their fun life. Let these pups cheer up your living space on the daily, and bring home this terrific piece of glass wall art today. PLEASE BE ADVISED. GLASS ARTWORK SHOULD BE HUNG USING THE HARDWARE AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED. DO NOT HANG USING WIRE AS IT WILL COMPROMISE THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE PIECE.

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for shipping.