A Horse Goes To The Store by Glenda Buckmier

A Horse Goes To The Store by Glenda Buckmier

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A Horse Goes to the Store is a Johnny Bob Adventure by author Glenda Buckmier. Dusty is a happy horse but today he is unhappy because his feet hurt.  His shoes are too small and he needs new shoes, not just any shoes, but pretty shoes along with apples, carrots and SnickerPoodles, an all-natural animal treat for the cat and dog who live on the farm.  Dusty decides he wants to do his own shopping at his favorite store.  He is more than willing to boss people around to get exactly what he wants.  Dusty and Johnny Bob meet at the store and chaos breaks out.  Dusty and Johnny Bob need your help in making sure Dusty gets to shop for his favorite things.  Maybe you won’t be surprised the next time you go to the store and run into a horse shopping inside your favorite store!

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