North American Bison LEATHER!

Not only does LOREC Ranch manufacture furniture in the USA, in Oklahoma, but we are proud to offer North American bison hide leathers as well!  Bison leather differs from cowhide in thickness and flexibility, which translates into exceptionally comfortable upholstered furniture. Bison leather “grain” is more pronounced. The fibers are thicker and more widely spaced.  Our bison leather is great to use on everything from pillows to dining chairs to sofas.

Rowdy Bison Vintage Leather

One reason we love the bison hide is for it's distressed rustic look.  We love to amaze our customers and scratch the bison hide on one of our sofas with our fingernail.  They always have a look of worry at first until we start to rub out the scratch just with the heat of our hand.  Needless to say, the bison leather is beautiful to look at as well as being family/pet friendly.  If you're interested in recieveing a sample of the bison leather, don't hestitate to contact us and we'll send it right out.

Above you can see the unique distressed character of the bison hide leather.  Pictured below is our best selling sofa featuring a rowdy bison vintage leather body, embossed leather, and antique nail trim.