Meet the Women behind the success of LOREC Ranch....

Meet Kari, one half of the power house that is behind the success of LOREC Ranch! She's the encouraging mother of 4, and the CEO of LOREC Ranch. Kari helped LOREC Ranch grow into the successful company that it is today. When LOREC Ranch was just a thought, she was a professor of Spanish at Northwestern University in Alva, OK, and before that was a doctor of dermatology. She's a native of Wisconsin who has embraced Oklahoma and it's people and their wonderful values. She loves being able to conduct business 'on a handshake' as so many of her ranching customers do.
Don't let her petite stature fool you, there's a LOT packed into a tiny package! She is always forward thinking and has several progressive projects going on at once to take LOREC Ranch to the next level. Come visit her at LOREC Ranch at 4111 W. Reno, OKC, OK and enjoy a conversation in English OR Spanish!

Meet Mary, the other half of the power house that is behind the success of LOREC Ranch! Mary has been with the company in one capacity or another since it's infancy in Alva, OK. Her and her sister Kari Lopez are the owners of LOREC Ranch. She's a dedicated mother of 6 children and devoted to the success of LOREC Ranch. Her past experience in real estate gives her an edge with sales and working with people. She's full of life and laughter, and you won't forget her. She makes shopping for and designing furniture an experience, and a fun one to say the least. Come see Mary at LOREC Ranch 7 days/week at 4111 W. Reno, OKC, OK.